Folk siren Abigail Stauffer turns the language of acoustic, pop, and neo-soul music into an irresistible invitation to heal and be healed. Every song is a captivating showcase of confidence and vulnerability, crafting  a  balance  of  pain,  hope,  and  joy.  

Her  music  and  live performances evoke so much emotion, it's hard to believe each song isn't specifically about you. Finally, an artist who writes about the things that really matter; Abigail will warm your heart and serenade your soul. 

“[The] soulful side of her is clear in the bluesy bottom of her voice. There's pain and hope buried deep in it, and it comes to the surface when Stauffer sings.”

- Chris Azzopardi, PrideSource
“I was enchanted with the sound of the music as well as Abigail’s voice. The sounds swam in a ball of energy and happiness. Even if the subject matter is tough, the music speaks of hope.”

- Chuck Marshall,
Life In Michigan

Abigail's music is available for free streaming using the links below. If you enjoy the music, please consider supporting the artist and purchasing it afterwards!

Where I'm Going

Released January 1, 2015

Listen Now

No Contradictions

Released May 30, 2013

Listen Now

Alone to Dream

released March 15, 2011

Listen Now

Abigail Stauffer and Dave the Cellist blend soulful pop vocals with the rare and distinct sound of jazz cello. Dave’s fluid mastery over his instrument lays down a foundation over which Abigail effortlessly jumps between registers, revealing her astounding vocal control and tone palate.

Haughey is an astonishingly innovative and sure-footed performer. He and Stauffer have written songs and traveled the world together, and the fruits of their collaboration are beautiful to behold.”

– Patrick Dunn, Ann Arbor Observer
“Stauffer brings rich, dark, ringing vocals to her folksy acoustic sound. Her songs explore identity and inner power."
- Kim Batchelor, Michigan Daily

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